Open to the Spirit

Sunday, May 1st we began a 21 day challenge to be open to the Holy Spirit. As followers of Christ many of us live relatively powerless lives. In Ephesus Paul met twelve early disciples who were seeking to follow Jesus, yet had never even heard of the Holy Spirit. Most Christians today have heard of the Holy Spirit; but how much more could God use us to impact God's Kingdom if we more fully opened ourselves to the work of the Holy Spirit within us? Join us in praying for 21 days, the prayer to the Holy Spirit, written by Saint Augustine.  Augustine believed God already knows the desires of our hearts.  We pray so that our desire for God may increase. So in these 21 days we pray...that our desire for God's Holy Spirit may ever increase and we may be more ready to receive. 

Check back as we focus on the parts of the prayer to the Holy Spirit. Use the prayer in the image here, save it as your phone wallpaper, or pick-up a bookmark from the church office.

This month we hope you will let us know how the Holy Spirit is at work in your life.

Post on FaceBook or Tweet @henryvilleumc #opentothespirit to share your experience! Or you can e-mail us using "contact us" on this page.